Menu of the day

Our Menu of the Day changes every day.

You will have a choice between

- 2 first courses

- 2 warm main courses

- white cheese or 3 country side cheeses

-  an home made dessert among a choice of three or more

Menu of the day*

- first course

 - a warm main course

 - a white cheese or a dry cheese

- a home made dessert

Net Price service included:

15,40 €
14,90 € if you need only Cheese or Dessert of the day.

Choice of 2/3* with:

-a first course and a warm main course in menu of the day
- a warm main course with cheese or home made dessert.

Net Price service included:

11,70 €

Warm main course of the menu of day 10,00 €


First course of
the menu of the day : 7,50 €


Dessert of the menu of the day : 4,00€ 

The Menu of the Day is served at noon. Not served evening, Sundays and bank holidays.

* Our prices are all taxes included, including service.

Drinks and coffees extra

Go to our Kid's Menu (10,00 €) or the Menu and Chart List

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